Walkthrough Story

A clickable and explorable tour of a bookstore, complete with storytelling elements throughout. Done for JOUR 3380.

The last project I’m featuring is my favorite one that I produced for the course and the one I’m most proud of. For the course’s fifth project, the assignment was to, again, conduct original reporting, but this time, create an interactive graphic or design with it. Keeping in line with the third project’s theme of bolstering a small, local business, I decided to highlight The Front Porch Bookstore in the neighboring town of Winterville, Georgia. I created a walk-through interactive while detailing things about the store such as its history and operation during the pandemic. To achieve a Google Street View-like effect, I captured photos of the store and the surrounding environment using my phone’s widest lens and put it all together using the site, ThingLink. By doing the interactive this way, I hoped viewers would be able to place themselves within the setting I was describing. I can’t stress how much I enjoyed putting this together and doing so, gave me a newfound appreciation for journalism that utilizes interactive elements. I’ll take away many things from this course, but one thing, in particular, is that although the tools at the industry’s disposal are vast, they can be conquered and often lend to a much richer storytelling and impactful audience experience.